Leica Summilux C T1.4

  • There is nothing to dislike about these beautiful lenses German lovingly built Leica lenses designed for today's digital cinema camera technology
  • Very high resolution ,extremely high contrast still maintain the important ascetic highlight tones & flare quality as well the pleasing quality of the bokeh (out of focus highlights)
  • Groundbreaking T1.4 close focus primes employ a unique multi-aspheric design and high-precision cine lens mechanics to provide unmatched flat field illumination
  • advanced distance focus scales, and similar location of focus and iris ring and suppression of color fringing in the farthest corners of the frame with no discernable breathing
  • All Leica Summilux-C lenses share a uniform length, 95mm

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Focal Length Front Element Speed Close Focus Weight
18mm 95mm T1.4 - 22 1'2" 1.6kg
21mm 95mm T1.4 - 22 1" 1.63kg
25mm 95mm T1.4 - 22 1" 1.6kg
29mm 95mm T1.4 - 22 1'3" 1.6kg
35mm 95mm T1.4 - 22 1'2" 1.6kg
40mm 95mm T1.4 - 22 1'4" 1.6kg
50mm 95mm T1.4 - 22 1'8" 1.6kg
65mm 95mm T1.4 - 22 1'3" 1.6kg
75mm 95mm T1.4 - 22 2'3" 1.6kg
100mm 95mm T1.4 - 22 2'11" 1.6kg